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Successful adults start as successful youth. We help build the skills to succeed. 


MOC’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Family Planning programs provides sex education to youth and adults through curriculum-based programming as well as community outreach events.  The program's workshops discuss complex issues involving sex, relationships, and communication. They are provided in school and community-based settings.


The programs also provide one-time presentations on birth control and sexually transmitted infections; outreach tables at health fairs; and community events – such as an HIV Awareness Walk, poster contests, and other youth events as well as parent workshops on talking with kids about sex and relationships.


MOC has teamed up with the University of New Hampshire to implement a new prevention program that emphasizes a bystander intervention approach to ending sexual assault. The program  uses a community responsibility approach to teach bystanders how to safely intervene in instances where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk. By implementing this program in our teen services, we are helping our community identify violent behaviors, develop empathy for victims/survivors, practice safe intervention and commit to taking action before, during and after an incident occurs.  

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