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economic stability programs

Skill building, training & job placement through individualized support.


The Secure Jobs Initiative offers a 4-8 week program with classes, workshops, and one-on-one support for unemployed individuals who are ready for their next step. Workshops include work readiness training, job placement assistance, job coaching, and financial literacy.  The Secure Jobs Initiative supports people who are:

  • In Emergency Shelter placement through DHCD (Department of Housing & Community Development)

  • Currently housed using HomeBASE funds

  • Using RAFT funds to maintain housing


Bus passes are available for those requiring transportation support. These classes comply with the 20 hour per week DTA work requirements.


Mother and Son

The Young Parent Program (YPP) offers support services to pregnant and parenting teens between the ages of 14 and 24 that are receiving TAFDC benefits. Through this program, teen parents and pregnant teens are supported in their efforts to complete their education journey. This may include returning to high school, completing a high school equivalency program, enrolling in a certification or vocational training program, or post secondary learning. 

While enrolled in YPP, parents also receive assistance to reduce the barriers that often interfere with completing their educational goals. These include childcare, case management, life and parenting skills training, job search assistance, career exploration and more.

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