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employee engagement committee

our Purpose

The Employee Engagement Committee is driven by a mission to establish a workplace characterized by collaboration, positivity, and shared success. Our committee is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive organizational culture where every employee feels valued and connected. Through a variety of initiatives, events, and programs, we strive to enhance team spirit, promote open communication, and recognize the hard work and dedication of our incredible staff. By actively engaging employees in meaningful ways, we aim to create an environment that not only encourages professional growth but also builds strong relationships among team members. Together, we are dedicated to making our workplace an exiting and fulfilling community for all.



Cultivating a culture of appreciation across the organization through gestures like gifts, "pay it forward" expressions on thank-you cards, gratitude trees, and various other initiatives.



Promoting a better understanding of the organization through activities like "get to know MOC" Super Bowl squares, and more.

MOC Opportunity Bowl Email.jpg


Honoring and acknowledging employees' dedication and hard work through events like an end-of-summer celebration.


committee members

Katie Abbott
Family Service Specialist

Catherine Apostoleris
VP of Planning and Data

Nikeila Davila
LIHEAP Certifier

Tracy Dellovo
Home Delivery Coordinator

Carolyne Elias


Kelley Ford

Program Coordinator

Rose Guitare
Health Educator

Amber Haney

Jody Holden
Health Specialist

Deana Mc Kinnon

Health Specialist

Amanda Paradise-Carrasco

Lead Teacher

Bradleigh Pedraza

Shelter Support Worker

Thuy Nguyen-McGrath

Justina Ragsdale
Family Recovery Support Specialist

Cris Siler
Early Learning Coach

Colby O'Brien
Senior Director of Programs and Integration

Nicole Michaud
Vice President of Advanacement

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