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2024-2026 Strategic Plan




Need/Goal Statement: MOC's clients lack reliable access to high quality, affordable health care that is provided with linguistic competence and cultural humility. To increase access to holistic health care for our clients, MOC will build internal capacity to address the spectrum of health needs from health information and education (including nutrition education) to family planning, primary care, and Behavioral Health.

Provide nutrition education to 10,000 residents, annually.

Increase the percentage of eligible MOC clients who are enrolled in nutrition benefits and programs by 10%, annually.

Expand capacity to provide comprehensive culturally appropriate Behavioral Health Services by 10%, annually.

Provide Sexual & Reproductive Health/Women's Health to 400 residents of North Central Massachusetts, annually.

Build capacity to provide Primary Care services to 2,500 residents of North Central Massachusetts by 2025.



Need/Goal Statement: North Central Massachusetts lacks the necessary capacity to meet families' varied child care needs. Disruptions in the early education and care system during and following the pandemic, a dearth of new educators graduating from training programs, and low-job satisfaction among current educators are hampering the region's ability to provide needed early education and care programming, particularly to families with low incomes. As the region's Head Start provider, MOC will bolster recruiting and retention efforts to ensure we are operating at maximum capacity and creating safe, healthy learning environments for our students, families, and staff.

Build a pipeline of early education and child care providers by partnering with higher education and skills training providers in innovative ways.

Increase Behavioral Health supports for teachers as well as children and families to decrease disruptions in the classroom.

Improve staff retention through wellness programming.

Achieve pre-pandemic capacity in the Family Child Care Home program.

Promote healthy and safe environments for children, families, and staff.



Need/Goal Statement: Low-income community members in North Central Massachusetts lack the necessary skills and supports to find and maintain employment that pays a living wage. As one of the larger employers in the North Central MA region, MOC has the opportunity to impact the economies of over four hundred local households, many of which are living at or near the CSBG income eligibility level. Through ongoing enhancement of our wages and benefits programs as well as our staff engagement and development efforts, MOC be an employer of choice for individuals living in our service area.

Promote a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace.

Enhance employee engagement through a learning and development strategy.

Augment employee earnings by cultivating a meaningful benefits package.

Enhance employee knowledge and comprehension of our products and services.



Need/Goal Statement: Residents of North Central Massachusetts are struggling to find, afford, and maintain safe, energy efficient housing. This struggle has been exacerbated by ongoing utility cost increases, post-pandemic rent increases, and an increase in demand for temporary and transitional shelter. To help residents find and maintain affordable and energy efficient housing, MOC will offer a continuum of services including: temporary shelter, housing placement and stabilization, and Emergency Assistance ($) programming as well as weatherization services and other energy efficiency improvements. 

Temporarily shelter 360 families facing homelessness in MOC operated EA Shelters, annually.

Stabilize 80 families in permanent housing, annually.

Reduce housing costs for 7,530 families through rent and utility assistance programs, annually.

Reduce housing costs for 3,000 families through energy efficiency improvements, annually.

Add 15 units of affordable housing in MOC's Service Area by 2026.

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