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our mission

MOC is committed to creating opportunities for and eliminating barriers to racial equity within our organization and our community. The Race Equity Committee is responsible for recommending anti-racist policies and practices that will establish and sustain racial equity within the agency as held accountable by the Board of Directors and Executive Director. We are committed to providing ongoing education, creating forums for communication, and implementing strategies that dismantle racism in our employment practices and client services.

our history

In 2020, while working toward our strategic goals for 2021-2023, we embraced the theme of "Be Anti-Racist", shifting our focus from simply acknowledging inequality to taking real action. With that promise, we dedicated ourselves to achieving several goals that involve dismantling unfair systems and creating new opportunities for people of color, both within our organization and in the community we serve.
In an effort to authentically achieve these goals, we moved this progress forward in the following ways:


  • We added "Chief Equity Officer" to our leadership team roles.

  • We thoroughly analyzed needs assessment data along racial/ethnic lines as well as gender and socio-economics status, and acknowledged disparities in wellbeing that informed our decision-making.

  • We integrated race equity and diversity training into our portfolio of training opportunities, and required all levels of management to complete.

racial equity strategic plan 2022-2028


Goal #1: Identify Current employment trends
Goal #2: Identify past employment trends
Goal #3: Assess employee satisfaction with a REI lens


Goal #1: Increase BIPOC mid level hires across departments / Mid level positions include: assistant directors, program directors, service directors, program managers, supervisors

Goal #2: Increase senior staff of color Senior staff positions include: directors and executive leadership

Goal #3: Ensure wage equity


Goal #1: Promote diversity, equity and inclusion amongst employees
Goal #2: Empower leadership to create and maintain diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments
Goal #3: Communicate commitment to antiracism

Proud to be the moc champions of inclusive events such as:

MOC's First Annual Juneteenth Celebration, Honoring Black History Month, and Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month, Hispanic Heritage Month event! Looking forward to many more to come!

aaip (1).jpg
IMG_9649 (2)_edited.jpg
black history.png

Pictured above: artifacts and decor from Black History Monday and APIDA events.

committee members

Cathy Apostoleris
VP of Planning and Data

Kwabena Ayim
Financial Empowerment Center Coordinator

Kristin Cole
Family Resource Center Clinician

Shana Fitz
Director of Youth Programming

Wendy Hardison-Moreno
FCCC Coordinator

Lynne Jiang
Senior Data Specialist

Felice Lopez 

Isabelle Mascary

Health Specialist

Mariana Mello
PAT Parent Educator
Daisy Rivera
Family Support Worker
Amanda Robitaille
VP of Human Resources

Migdalia Velez
FRC Program Director

Rebecca Verhulst
Director of Health & Special Services
Leona Whetzel
VP of Equity, Inclusion & Workplace Connectivity
Milagros Whitfield
Peer Health Counselor

Join the race equity committee

If you are interested in joining MOC's Race Equity Committee, please contact Leona Whetzel, MOC's VP Equity Inclusion & Workplace Connectivity:

Leona Whetzel

Phone: 978-785-5327


The application process includes:

  • a brief written application,

  • staff commitment to the Mission of the Race Equity Committee,

  • commitment to attending and contributing to Race Equity Committee meetings and events, and

  • an interview with current representatives of the Race Equity Committee.

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