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Optimize the health of your family by making your house safe and healthy.


This program provides education and information about lead poisoning and lead poisoning prevention to the public and connects residents to resources about how to delead and renovate safely and legally. Education is provided through presentations, outreach events, and materials distribution. The program also has a case management component which is a closed referral program for families with children having elevated lead levels. All referrals come through the Department of Public Health. If you believe your child may have elevated blood lead levels, please contact your Primary Care Physician for testing.


MOC’s Healthy Homes Case Management program provides interested families with children under the age of 6 years with education and information regarding environmental health and safety issues in their homes.  The program educates residents and others about how they can make their homes and workplaces less toxic by using safer household cleaning supplies and safer cleaning practices.  Education is provided through hands-on workshops and distribution of printed materials. 

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